In this modern era, the internet becomes a daily basis. We can’t live without internet even if it’s just a single day. That is why, the internet can also become a platform for us to find a job or to run a business, even just by running our fingers on a keyboard can bring us some money. Writing something through the internet can make us some money if we know how to do it.

How to Make Money from Internet

Although we can make money, it is not the only thing that we can achieve by writing. The pride of being able to share knowledge and information to the reader through our writing is also precious. Writing can also broaden our horizon to new knowledge because sometimes we need to write something we do not know about, that is why we need to find out more about it first before we start writing. Before we start writing online, we need to prepare several things like PC or gadget, writing software, and internet connection.

  1. Writing Blog Content

The most common way to earn money from online writing job is by becoming a blogger. Writing in a blog that we own and fill the blog with numerous contents, we can earn money from writing in our blog by linking our blog with AdSense. Filling the blogs with ads will give you money from the blog visitors that see or click the ads from companies that put their promotion in our blogs.

  1. Become a Freelance Writer

You can be a freelance writer to get money from writing. Usually, there is some article writing companies that recruit writer to write articles for several websites. The company will give you some topics or keyword to discuss in your article. Writing for an article company, you have to follow the rules and able to write the requested numbers of the word. If you write a lot of articles, you will get a lot of money.

  1. Become a Website Writer

If you do not want or do not feel suitable to give your articles to an article company, you can choose writing for a website.  This is still a freelance job, but your profile will appear on the website where you apply to write. When the website needs for your writing, you will get notifications. There will be some information like the topic of the article, the number of words and how much every word worth. Here are some websites that will pay for your articles,

  1. The Smarter Way by ShopBack

The Smarter Way by ShopBack will allow you to earn some money from writing. You will get IDR 10000 for the first article that you post, and IDR 5 for every view that you get from your articles. It is almost similar to web blogging; the difference is you will get money directly from ShopBack from the very first article and still get the benefit from your posted articles even if you are not writing.

  1. Vebma

Vebma is a writing platform that was founded in 2016. This website opens the opportunity for every content writer to write in Vebma dan earn some money from that writing activity. In Vebma, every article that we post is worth IDR 10000. Since Vebma use CPM (Cost per Mile) system that will calculate the bonus for every 1000 views, the writer will get another IDR 1200 per mile.

  1. UC News

Different from Vebma, you will get 4.5 USD for every mile or every 1000 views of your article. But you do not need to worry about the views since UC News has millions of readers.