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How to Make Money Online with Online Writing Jobs

In this modern era, the internet becomes a daily basis. We can’t live without internet even if it’s just a single day. That is why, the internet can also become a platform for us to find a job or to run a business, even just by running our fingers on a keyboard can bring us some money. Writing something through the internet can make us some money if we know how to do it.

How to Make Money from Internet

Although we can make money, it is not the only thing that we can achieve by writing. The pride of being able to share knowledge and information to the reader through our writing is also precious. Writing can also broaden our horizon to new knowledge because sometimes we need to write something we do not know about, that is why we need to find out more about it first before we start writing. Before we start writing online, we need to prepare several things like PC or gadget, writing software, and internet connection.

  1. Writing Blog Content

The most common way to earn money from online writing job is by becoming a blogger. Writing in a blog that we own and fill the blog with numerous contents, we can earn money from writing in our blog by linking our blog with AdSense. Filling the blogs with ads will give you money from the blog visitors that see or click the ads from companies that put their promotion in our blogs.

  1. Become a Freelance Writer

You can be a freelance writer to get money from writing. Usually, there is some article writing companies that recruit writer to write articles for several websites. The company will give you some topics or keyword to discuss in your article. Writing for an article company, you have to follow the rules and able to write the requested numbers of the word. If you write a lot of articles, you will get a lot of money.

  1. Become a Website Writer

If you do not want or do not feel suitable to give your articles to an article company, you can choose writing for a website.  This is still a freelance job, but your profile will appear on the website where you apply to write. When the website needs for your writing, you will get notifications. There will be some information like the topic of the article, the number of words and how much every word worth. Here are some websites that will pay for your articles,

  1. The Smarter Way by ShopBack

The Smarter Way by ShopBack will allow you to earn some money from writing. You will get IDR 10000 for the first article that you post, and IDR 5 for every view that you get from your articles. It is almost similar to web blogging; the difference is you will get money directly from ShopBack from the very first article and still get the benefit from your posted articles even if you are not writing.

  1. Vebma

Vebma is a writing platform that was founded in 2016. This website opens the opportunity for every content writer to write in Vebma dan earn some money from that writing activity. In Vebma, every article that we post is worth IDR 10000. Since Vebma use CPM (Cost per Mile) system that will calculate the bonus for every 1000 views, the writer will get another IDR 1200 per mile.

  1. UC News

Different from Vebma, you will get 4.5 USD for every mile or every 1000 views of your article. But you do not need to worry about the views since UC News has millions of readers.

How to Find A Good MLM Opportunity

Commercial work or business is developing from time to time in the modern era like this. There is a kind of commercial work or business that is called Multi-Level Marketing, or we usually call it MLM, which is popular nowadays. This can be seen from the various MLM categories that somebody can choose. But what is MLM? Or how can we choose the right MLM opportunity?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

MLM is a gradual or chained marketing strategy, where the compensation from selling the products is not the only thing that the product sales will get, but also the compensation of the product that is sold by their recruited product sales under them. There is a technical term that is used by the MLM member called ‘up line’ and ‘downline’ in this pyramidal or network marketing. In this system, the ‘up line’ have to recruit as many as possible ‘downline to earn multiple bonus or salary. On the other hand, ‘downline’ are the people who do the direct selling of the product.

This MLM system often triggers irresponsible people to do fraud. They often use this MLM system as the alibi to deceive people, since this MLM is already known by society as a beneficial business. That is why we have to be alert to this kind of MLM business offer.

How to Pick A Good MLM Opportunity

There are several things you need to do before choosing an MLM Opportunity. Those things are important to avoid you from fraud.

  1. Choose an MLM that is Registered to an MLM Association

You have to make sure that the MLM you are interested to join is registered to MLM Association. If the MLM offers international level marketing, you can check whether the MLM is registered to FITA (The Federation of International Trade Associations). If the MLM offers national-level marketing, you can check the association with the national scale in your country.

  1. MLM must have Credible Law Firm

Beside an MLM must have registered in an association, it also must own a credible law firm. Multi-Level marketing must have a Trade Business License, Company Registration Certificate and Taxpayer Registration Number. By having those licenses, an MLM company is responsible for their business, costumers and members satisfactory.

  1. Make Sure MLM has Various Products

MLM that have various products to sell, will attract people to join as downline. Having various products means that the MLM also offers various prices that allow people to choose the products according to the budget. This can be a big opportunity for the members to recruit downline. But you also have to make sure that the MLM company guarantee the quality of their products.

  1. Supportive Up Line, Credible and Fair to All Members

Before you are recruited by someone to join the MLM, you have to make sure that your Up line will help you to achieve success and this is very important. Research the MLM and make sure the system will benefit you and all the members.

Overnight Freedom Review

Several ways to earn money that we can find anywhere at any time in this modern era. We can get information about marketing strategies not only at the university. Some people can even make money just by sitting in front of their PC or smartphone. Some affiliate marketing system like the newest Overnight Freedom Review has become very popular on the internet.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based marketing business model. In short, you will get money if you have done a deal. It is more likely to conventional marketing or door to door marketing; you will offer a product to a target customer and get a commission if your product is sold. The difference between them is just that conventional marketing force us to be mobile from place to place, while online marketing can be done anywhere at any time with your gadget and internet connection.

This marketing program will spare your time and give more profit to you since the target customer of the online affiliate program is wider than conventional marketing. It is also easier in access for both the customer and the company to reach each other since the internet is very open to anyone.

About the Program

There is newly made affiliate marketing program called Overnight Freedom review that is going to be released this September 2019. This program has an influential system that allows the people who join this affiliation program to earn commissions from the direct traffic that has been paid. This program is designed by Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones who are experts in internet marketing.

This program is expected to give an explanation about how to quickly scale the market place and become a successful affiliate marketer. This program has 4 focal monetizing techniques,

  1. Receiving high portion commission on low permit digital item

The most advantageous approach for some people who are new to this marketing program, by selling a digital product that is not expensive, but the percentage of the commission is high.

  1. Making repeatable commission monthly

This program will give you a recurring bonus every month if you have a customer who subscribes your website purchases a product on subscription. This system will allow you to earn bonus monthly.

  1. Making high CPA commission on digital and physical products

This system will benefit you by getting the commission from digital and physical products. You will also get guidance about the technique about how to make a lot of money in promoting those products.

  1. Earning a high bonus on high ticket product transactions

The last monetization system is earning a high bonus on high ticket product deals. This means you will get extra commission from selling the best price of the high permit deals using this Overnight Freedom Review affiliation system.

Advantages of the Program

There are numerous advantages in using this affiliate marketing program,

  1. Prevailing Traffic Source

Since this system uses two dominant sources of measurable sources of direct traffic, including Facebook Ads and Google Display Network.

  1. Get a Site Builder Software

You will get a package of site builder software if you choose this affiliate marketing program. This program will able you to design your site on Google, Facebook, and YouTube.

  1. High Commission

This affiliate marketing program is associated with some famous vendors to negotiate the bonus that is higher than the bonus or commission from regular system standard. You may find a system that will allow you to get up to 90% in commission.

  1. Premium Ad Generator

The software includes a program that can write your ads. Multiple analytics and top-performing ads on Facebook and YouTube are used in this premium ad generator software. This will boost your Ads performance to its best.

  1. Weekly Bonus

This affiliate marketing program will give the affiliates a weekly bonus in cash for the first 12 months. This factor will motivate the affiliates to take everything about the materials relevant to this program seriously.

  1. High Earning, Few Competitors

Since this is a newly made affiliate marketing program, there are still a few marketers that affiliates to this Overnight Freedom Review program. Although this program has few competitors, this program gives the high commission and recurrent bonus to the affiliates.

The Power of Content Marketing

In a world where the cycle of a business is very competitive and wild, makes the micro and local business face the difficulties to adapt and compete. This may be caused by the numbers of competitors like multinational companies with multi-billion deals. Yet it is not the end for minor companies to attract consumers and get some profits from Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy where we plan, produce and distribute a content that is attractive and hit the zero in on, this will bring the target to be new consumer and understand more about your business. This will broaden your business opportunity and build your reputation amongst the companies.

Content Marketing Advantages

  1. Increase Direct Traffic to your Site

Content Marketing will increase the direct traffic to your site when a potential consumer brings several issues ore needs and tries to solve it. If your site provides information, manuals or even entertainment related to the needs of the consumers, consumers will be excited to visit your site. Your site will be known amongst the consumers if you can fill their needs. In fact, custom contents bring 68%, internet consumers.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

Posting new and unique contents and do not forget to promoting them in social media consistently will create a bigger opportunity for new audiences and consumers. Moreover, consumers will spread out your business and contents to their friends or followers if they are amused by your contents. This will extend your target consumers and make your brand site known.

  1. Increase Leads and Selling

The opportunity to converse visitor of your site to ‘leads’ and ‘consumer’ will be increased if the visitors of your site that read or see the content is also increased. Even for a small business, some people depend on website content to help them decide when they are about to buy something. People are trying to know more about the advantages or the disadvantages of a product before buying it. We can use this opportunity to create relevant content with the company products or services.

  1. Increase Engagement

The advantage of creating an attractive content is getting positive feedback and review from the consumer. This will open the chance for you to interact with your consumer directly. An interactive website attracts more visitor or consumer and makes the prosperous for your business. Beside the audiences, you will also get involved in the circle of business leaders that will allow you to get easy of access for new information that may help you to create better content in the future.

  1. Lower Cost

Content Marketing is very suitable for a micro or local business since it is cheaper than conventional marketing. Moreover, you can save your budget if you can make your content. Some startup companies that use content marketing spend only half of the budget that the conventional companies in common. You can advertise your products and contents through your social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Various Steps to Earn Money from Internet

There are numerous ways to earn money on the internet these days. Some factors possess on how much you will earn from the internet, like what kind of work or business you do or how to focus you are to do your job. You need to be persistent if you are expecting money online. That is why you must have a high commitment while doing jobs online.

5 Ways to Earn Money Online

Here the 5 ways to earn money online.

  1. Join an Affiliation Program

For some of us, an affiliation program might sound unfamiliar. As an illustration, affiliation work is comparable with how a broker work. You can see how a house broker works; a broker can get a certain amount of money from the deal reached by selling the house. This affiliation program works the same, but this is done by using the internet as the marketplace. Before you join an affiliate program, you need to know the detail of the product that you are going to sell, the system that is applied in the program and how much the commission you are going to get by selling the product. You can do online research before joining an affiliation program.

  1. Sell Stuff Online

Selling things can also be done on the internet and it will broaden your marketplace. You can open an online shop using a website, social media or even online shopping media that allows you to sell your stuff there. Wider marketing target will make your chance to increase your selling and bring you a higher profit, just by sitting in front of your PC or gadget, upload your product and answering to orders.

  1. Make an AdSense Account

AdSense is a service from Google that allows you to show an advertisement on a website. Those Ads are provided from some companies who are willing to do promotions by associating with the Google AdWords. Our job to earn money from this is to allow those ads to be seen on our websites. This job will make you a lot of money if you get some visitors that clicked those Ads.

  1. Make a YouTube Channel

YouTube has become an opportunity to earn money from the internet since web blogging. Earning money from YouTube can be done by making videos and upload it to YouTube and connect your YouTube account to AdSense. Content inspirations can be various, from your daily activity to the certain skills that you can do. How many likes, comments or views on your YouTube Channel will give contributions to how much you earn from it.

  1. Do an Online Survey

The easiest way to earn money from internet is doing an online survey. This job does not require you to have a certain skill. That is why an online survey is not the best money maker since the salary is not much. But this job is easy to do for you who needs money quickly. Some popular online survey websites that provide money for people who fill out the survey are pro opinion, i-Say, SendEarnings, and Pinecone Research.

5 Must-Know Basics of Digital Marketing

Here comes the time when every business owner must learn about digital marketing, from multi-billion companies to small companies. This is related to the fact that the majority of the world are connected to the internet and depend on their daily basis on gadgets like PC and smartphones. This fact brings out the reality that everything we do such as working and earning money depends on the Internet.

Digital Marketing

Every kind of marketing strategy that uses electronic devices and internet hereinafter referred to as digital marketing. All digital strategies and marketing channel that is serving the purpose to stay connected to the consumer is the other definition of digital marketing. Digital marketing refers to promotion through social media marketing, website, email marketing, PPC advertisement, and SEO.

Digital Marketing Basics

The business owner does have to follow the growth of technology. One thing that we can see from the development of technology is widely open internet access. Using the internet to reach people in helping us in business is digital marketing. Here are some kinds of digital marketing basics that you need to know.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization or famous with SEO is a way to optimizing the website by giving easy access in search engine. Search result in Google is the main traffic source in almost every website. People can easily find your website in Google search result by using this SEO technique. There are two types of SEO, they are On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. There is no instant result that we can see, so we have to be patient in applying this technique.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing technique that is related to the making dan relevant content distribution which is important to attract an audience with the purpose to converse the audience or visitor to the consumer. Those contents that are distributed in content marketing are particularly discussed about the relevant product.

Content marketing must be relevant to your business. You also have to make sure that your content marketing gives important information to the audiences. You must prioritize the content topics that are important for the audiences to know. You also have to be consistent posting relevant contents in your website.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an activity to advertise products or services in a social media platform using specific strategies. Those strategies are the most crucial thing in social media marketing. You can just make a business account and make whatever contents in your social media. You have to do some research to decide which social media platform that is suitable for your business and set the purpose and distinct matrix to measure the result of your social media marketing.

  1. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click approach is an internet marketing model where the advertisement owner needs to pay for the advertisement every click by the visitor. This kind of advertising system is often used by Google, Instagram, and Facebook. This system is very suitable to be applied to the majority of the internet. This system is effective, efficient and cheaper than a conventional advertisement.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing program is used by so many companies with the national or multinational level. E-bay, Rakuten, and Amazon are just several companies that provide an affiliation program. Affiliate marketing program offers the regular customer to promote your products to their friends and followers in social media that will extend your target customer.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a commercial letter delivery like newsletter and email promotion. Email becomes one of the effective platforms to share advertisement since 1978. Most of the customer are willing to subscribe to the newsletter from websites if there is an offer. The newsletter usually offers a coupon, voucher or special discount. This promotion strategy often brings more potential customers to do online shopping or just come to the store bringing the coupon from the newsletter.

  1. Google Business

Google business is a feature for a business owner that provides the access to the customers to get complete information about the business, from the name of the business, the company address, company contacts, email address and even operational hours are provided in Google Business.

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